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Secret World Legends Adds Orochi Tower

Funcom today released the latest update to Secret World Legends, introducing the Orochi Tower and bringing the Tokyo story to a close. Players have been keeping an eye on the so far inaccessible tower since Tokyo became available earlier this year. Now that the area is accessible, players will finally be able to bring the […]


The Secret World Preps Tokyo

The final showdown is upon us! After months beating back the filth as it attempts to creep its way around the world, players will finally converge to battle the Zero Point Pathogen in a 40 man raid. The final showdown in Agartha takes place now in Funcom’s The Secret World! The last chapter of the […]

Hellgate: Global Act 3 And Tokyo Are Now Completely Free

One of the issues that comes with working alone on my website is that occasionally I don’t come across news on games that are not frequently reported on until later. MUCH later in fact. Ever since Hellgate Global first reluanched under T3Fun, I’ve given an update on ticket prices every year or so. Tickets to […]

Hellgate Global: Status Update and Ticket Prices

Back in July, I talked about how players can get access to Hellgate Global’s Act 3 ticket and Tokyo expansion without paying a dime by paying for the tickets on the in-game auction house. At the time, the tickets only cost a few hundred thousand palladium. In September, I updated the post with another update: […]

Week In Review: Trust In The Community Edition

I told you I’d eventually hit the Sunday deadline for Week in Review. I’ve found through MMO Fallout the deadlines I set for myself often conflict with what I’ve heard referred to as a “lack of respect for authority and tendency toward inappropriate analogies.” Personally I equate the situation more to the first few seasons […]