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Charturday: How Call of Duty Fares on Steam

With the recent launch of Call of Duty: WW2, I thought I’d dedicate the first Charturday to looking into how the series has performed on Steam where the game has been decidedly less popular than its console cousins. Black Ops 3, for instance, performed poorly enough on PC that Activision introduced a multiplayer only starter […]


[Community] PC Gaming May Not Be Dead, But Lawbreakers Is Starting Out Weak

Cliff Bleszinski has a long history with PC games, although you may not know it if you just started gaming within the last ten years. For a while, Bleszinski had a great relationship with the PC platform, until Unreal Tournament allegedly sold quite poorly on the system (according to Gamespy online stats from the time), […]

Wildstar Finds New Life On Steam

Wildstar has been on Steam for nearly a month, and it looks like the population has remained pretty stable since the initial launch day. While the game doesn’t look like it’ll be topping any sales records, it looks like Steam has introduced new life to the previously waning MMO. In its first month on Steam, […]

Extra Free Trial Time For FFXIV

If there is one word that can be used to describe Final Fantasy XIV’s launch, it would be “extra smooth,” in that it is neither one word nor is it accurate. While Square Enix continues to monitor server stability and population, and while FFXIV remains unavailable for purchase, Naoki Yoshida has once again turned to […]