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[Video] Destiny 2: There Will Be A Ton of Loot

Bungie has released the worldwide reveal trailer for Destiny 2, laying down the plot and setting the stage for the sequel to one of the most played games on consoles. Set to launch on consoles and PC this September 8, players will get a glimpse of gameplay at that world premiere on May 18. For plot […]

[Video] Elder Scrolls Online: Return To Morrowind

The latest trailer for Elder Scrolls Online is out, showing off new weapons, armor, locations, and monsters that players will encounter in the upcoming Morrowind expansion. Morrowind launches this June.

[Not Massive] Titanfall 2 Trial Coming Soon

Titanfall 2 is a fantastic shooter whose success has been hampered thanks to the poorly timed launch between Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. To bring more eyes to the game, Electronic Arts will be releasing a trial for PC and Xbox EA Origin/Access players on November 30th with the trial rolled out […]

Lineage Eternal Still Coming: Latest Trailer Released

NCSoft has dropped the latest trailer video for Lineage Eternal, the long awaited sequel to the company’s largest (and after close to two decades still its biggest money maker) MMO Lineage. For those keeping track, Lineage Eternal has gone through several delays plus a development team that isn’t too keen on discussing release schedules. With […]

[Video] Welcome To Wildstar

NCSoft has released a brand new Welcome to Wildstar video. The video doesn’t reveal anything new, but it does introduce the basics of the game to prospective gamers. The narrator seems to have had a fun time recording it.

Watch: Albion’s Final Beta Trailer

Albion Online has put out its final beta trailer, dubbed Everybody Matters.

Snapshots: The Black Death Shots/Trailer

The Black Death is a 14th century survival game set in western Europe ravaged by plague and sickness. Currently in early access, The Black Death promises realistic professions, a huge open world with hundreds of NPCs, hundreds of items, and a large scale multiplayer. Below, check out the latest trailer showing off the beggar class […]

Video: 15 Minutes of Escape From Tarkov

The latest video from the hardcore MMOFPS Escape from Tarkov shows 15 unedited minutes of a soldier attempting to escape a guarded chemical factory. You can cut the tension with a knife in many moments, and the video places a heavy emphasis on scavenging. Pay no mind to the overlapping watermarks.

Video: Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.3

Final Fantasy’s 2.3 patch is so massive, it requires an equally beefy eight minute trailer. Those of you with active subscriptions are likely already downloading the patch as I write this, so just watch the trailer anyway.

Path of Exile’s First Expansion Coming

Path of Exile is getting ready to launch its first mini-expansion Sacrifice of Vaal next week. The mini-expansion will include a bevy of content, including a high level encounter with Atziri, Queen of the Vaal. Much of the content is layered across the game world rather than focused on the end-game with new secret areas […]