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Column: Jagex, RuneScape, And Increasing Prices

When I was in school, RuneScape was always known as that little MMO that anyone could play. You didn’t need a powerful computer, not to mention it had a free to play mode in an era when most western MMOs carried a mandatory subscription. Add on to that the cheap price of membership, five bucks, […]


Transformers Universe Shutting Down January 2015

Jagex has announced that the servers for MOBA Transformers¬†Universe will shut down on January 31st, 2015. The decision was made mutually between the UK developer and Hasbro, and comes on the hilt of both companies realigning their focus for the year ahead. The shutdown period will begin from today. As part of the winding down […]

Transformers Universe Layoffs Coming

Jagex has confirmed that layoffs and employee shuffling are expected to hit the Transformers Universe team.¬†In a statement to Games Industry, a Jagex spokesperson noted that the game has reached a stage in development where redundancies in staff can be shuffled over to other projects and in some unfortunate cases be laid off. While no […]

Jagex Appoints Filmmaker To Creative Director

Jagex has put out a press release revealing that Alex de Rakoff will be taking the helm as Creative Director. De Rakoff is best known for his role as director/writer in Need for Speed: The Run and Grand Theft Auto 2, as well as for directing the 2009 film Dead Man Running. He will be […]

Transformers Universe Comic Con Trailer Released

Jagex has released a new trailer for Transformers Universe. The trailer is made up 100% of in-game realtime footage, and shows off a bit of combat, travel by vehicle, and a few characters from each side. Transformers Online now has a release date of 2013.

Jagex: Our Other Projects Were Hobbies, That Ends Now

Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard has always been pretty frank with the internal going-ons at his company, and in a recent interview with Develop, he answered the question as to why all of Jagex’s products that are not RuneScape have either failed to launch or failed to make a profit, and the answer is simple. The […]

Video of the ____: Transformers Universe Trailer

The latest trailer for Transformers Universe doesn’t reveal anything about the game (unless you weren’t aware that the game followed the Transformers line), but it has cryptic text, and a Transformer, so…who wants lunch?

Jagex: Stellar Dawn? No, Transformers!

Jagex is an inspiration of hope in the MMO genre. Born out of a side project by Andrew Gower, Runescape has since gone on to become the most popular free to play MMO gracing our internets, crafting a membership system that not only gave an enormous amount of content for a low price, but also […]