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Trion Worlds Compensates (Again) Players For ArcheAge Downtime (Again)

At some point the news will just revert to posting articles when ArcheAge goes a full month without having any server issues or lengthy downtime. Until then, we will be here to report on every time players are offered their regular stipend of compensation. ArcheAge’s recent downtime, not to be confused with the downtime last […]


MMOrning Shots: Anti-gravity

Today’s MMOrning Shots comes to us from Defiance. I didn’t fully understand why the Volge were constantly attacking E-Rep camps until I came across the above area and realized that they are trying to steal our anti-gravity technology. The hovering truck is one thing, but I’m not sure what the point of the levitating garbage […]

Impressions: Defiance Arkbreaker

I managed to get some time in playing through the Arkbreaker DLC for Defiance, and I came out less disappointed than the Castithan pack DLC. I had a hard time completing the first DLC arenas┬ábecause the timers were randomly breaking at launch, and I believe still are to this day. The Arkbreaker DLC introduces a […]

Weapon Bonuses Make Sense In Defiance

Defiance is a game all about shooting guns, which means that making those guns actually fun to shoot is pretty integral. In Defiance, the random nature of weapons dropping with attributes didn’t always work out to the benefit of the user, such as a sniper rifle with melee bonuses, or single shot guns with increased […]

Rift Server Merger Incoming

Trion Worlds has announced an upcoming server merge to the MMO Rift. Previously Trion would sneak around the need to merge their shards by switching them into “trial” mode and forcing players to transfer off of them anyway. This time around the company is going for a good old fashioned merger, shutting down three North […]

Trion Worlds Closes Guildford Office

As part of the developer’s ongoing realignment, Trion Worlds’ European publishing office in Guildford will be closed down. “European localised versions of Trion’s live and upcoming games will not be affected as all regional game development and support continues from Redwood City, CA.” The news comes on the heels of Trion closing down its San […]

Trion: Hartsman Returns, Branch Closed

It is Christmas time, right? Trion has welcomed back Scott Hartsman as CEO. Some of you may remember back in January that Hartsman resigned from his position as Executive Producer on Rift, which some speculated had to do with disagreements over the then-rumored plans to make Rift free-to-play. If the move was to try and […]

MMOments In Gaming: This Vehicle Is Broken

The manufacturers of this hover car had the right idea when designing a vehicle that could still be driven even if flipped over.

Rift Compensates For Shard Transfers

Going free to play has a habit of causing disruption, especially when it comes to the more popular servers. In the case of Icewatch and Akala, two European shards, the already popular servers became overloaded thanks to the influx of new players ready to give free to play a try, as well as the returning […]

Defiance And Rift Raptr Rewards

Here at MMO Fallout, we love Raptr for the fact that it is like an Xfire client that tracks game time, and gives us free stuff just for playing games. No surveys, no advertisements, no subscriptions, no deals, none of that stupid crap you get from other clients. It’s just a game developer looking for […]