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Get Lucky in RuneScape: Jagex Overhauls Luck Mechanic

Call it what you want, luck is a big factor in MMORPG’s. You can pray to RNGesus all you want, but at the end of the day you’re still beholden to that invisible spinning wheel landing on the items you need to make the big bucks. It’s the difference between going home a billionaire and […]

Snapshots: RuneScape Healing The Scar

Today’s snapshot comes to us from RuneScape. Today’s update to the ever-expanding MMO finally healed the scar in Lumbridge, where players assisted in a battle between gods Saradomin and Zamorak going on four years ago. Since then the battle-scarred land has been used for everything from holiday events to summer beach parties. With today’s update, […]

Get Ready: Funcom Announces Secret World “Relaunch”

If you pay attention to the media, reboots are all the rage this season (this season itself being a reboot of a previous iteration of the universe). In their latest quarterly report, outside of congratulating Conan Exiles for hitting its 12 month sales target within a month, Funcom has a lot to say about its […]

[Video] Elder Scrolls Online: Return To Morrowind

The latest trailer for Elder Scrolls Online is out, showing off new weapons, armor, locations, and monsters that players will encounter in the upcoming Morrowind expansion. Morrowind launches this June.

Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday Hits Consoles February 14

Star Trek Online’s third expansion hits Xbox One and Playstation 4 next month, letting young couples show their love…for the original Star Trek series. Agents of Yesterday takes console gamers and tasks them with saving the future, by saving the past. The update includes new story missions as well as content from the Artifacts update. […]

Marvel Heroes Biggest Update Ever Hits Servers Today

The Marvel Heroes “Biggest Update Ever” is finally ready to go live today, as the official forums have posted an announcement for players to expect the servers to go down at noon Pacific with downtime of four hours. The Marvel Heroes 2016 servers will be going offline at 12 PM PST for the Biggest Update […]

ArcheAge 3.1 To Take Game To Its Roots

ArcheAge is getting updated to version 3.1 on January 17, so long as you are playing on the Korean servers. Among the updates are more character and item growth, potentially pointing to an increased level cap, as well as an increase in overseas trading, balancing new and veteran players, and adding/improving conveniences. XL Games hasn’t […]

Path of Exile’s Next Content Update Hits December 2nd

Grinding Gear Games has announced the next major content update for Path of Exile, dubbed Breach, will land on digital shelves in just under two weeks. The update challenges players to “enter the breach” and slay the monsters inside to keep the breaches open. Open a portal to the Breachlord’s domain and take down brand […]

Heroes & Generals Rewards Team Play In Hallowes Update

Heroes & Generals is bringing in team rewards and phasing out its browser version. In an update dubbed Hallowes – XP for Friends, players will now find that acting as a team has its own rewards. The game now rewards experience for kill assists, protecting the team’s tank, and when other players use your vehicle’s […]

Lineage Eternal Still Coming: Latest Trailer Released

NCSoft has dropped the latest trailer video for Lineage Eternal, the long awaited sequel to the company’s largest (and after close to two decades still its biggest money maker) MMO Lineage. For those keeping track, Lineage Eternal has gone through several delays plus a development team that isn’t too keen on discussing release schedules. With […]