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Steam Cleanlight: Valve Terminates More Developers Over Review Manipulation

Valve has claimed three more souls as Steam parts ways with developers over review manipulation. The games in question include Techwars Online 2, Concerning Evergrow, and Trigger Happy Shooting. As posted by a Valve Steamworks moderator, the developers were using fake reviews to make their games appear to be more popular and well received than […]

[Community] How Valve Can Make Steam Direct (Closer To) Perfect

Steam Greenlight, the process through which developers pay $100 to gain access to submit their games for players to vote to sell on the platform, is going away. In its place is Steam Direct, a process through which developers will be able to pay a per-game fee to guarantee access to the store front. The […]

Valve Kills Steam Greenlight, Implementing Steam Direct

Steam Greenlight, has been both applauded and derided, as a method for small developers to find a platform to make money and as an easily gamed portal through which Steam has turned into a dumping ground for Unity asset flips and actual money laundering schemes. On one hand, the change seems to be mostly cosmetic, […]

Digital Homicide’s Business Destroyed, Lawsuit Against Steam Users Ends

The lawsuit by James Romine against 100 unknown Steam users has come to an end. A few days ago, Romine filed a motion for extension of time or dismissal without prejudice, effectively asking the court to either grant him more time or to kill the case until a future date. The reason, as stated in […]

[Breaking] DigiHom Update: All Games Disappear From Store Front

Relations between Digital Homicide and Valve appear to have gone sour, with sparse details and speculation running rampant after all of Digital Homicide’s games were pulled from Steam one by one earlier today. The news comes on the heels of the revelation that James Romine, owner of indie game developer Digital Homicide, had subpoena’d Valve […]

James Romine Subpoenas Valve For Steam User Details

Digital Homicide’s James Romine has filed a subpoena against Valve in Phoenix to discover the identities of what appears to be 100 anonymous users who had made statements about the company in the past. The documents were filed and the subpoena granted this week. The case has been assigned to Magistrate Judge Eileen Willett. Romine […]

This Is What A Valve Takedown Notice Looks Like

[Column] Valve’s Constantly Changing Position On DigiHom

[Update: we have received notice from Digital Homicide that the issue below is due to an error in the Steam API, and not part of any deliberate decision by Valve. We apologize for the error.] The game above is Daisy’s Sweet Time Cupcake Mania, one of numerous clone games up on Greenlight by esteemed developer […]

PSA: Steam Sale Starts This Week

MMO Fallout would like to issue a public service announcement to remind our viewers that the Steam Summer Sale begins June 23rd and runs through July 4th. In preparation for the sale, we’ve listed some tips to help you spend wisely. Because of Steam refunds, daily sales are no longer a thing. Once a game […]

Wild Terra Successfully Voted Through Greenlight

Developer Juvty Worlds has announced that their open world sandbox MMO Wild Terra has successfully been voted on by the Steam Greenlight community. Juvty thanks the nearly six thousand users who voted to pass the title, bringing it to the top 5 voted games and winning the approval from Valve. With all of the recent […]