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Week In Review: Sony Offline Entertainment

I’ve discovered a newfound love for Ultima Forever. Once you carve out the ridiculous cash shop mechanics, get rid of gear degradation, and drop gold keys like they’re candy, the game is a lot of fun to play. It’s almost disappointing that Electronic Arts will be shutting down Ultima Forever on August 29th, but it’s […]


SOE Shutting Down Four MMOs

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that four of their MMOs will be shut down later this year: Wizardry Online, Free Realms, Vanguard, and Clone Wars Adventures. Free Realms and Clone Wars are set to shut down March 31st with Wizardry and Vanguard following on July 31st. Sony attributes the sunsetting of Free Realms and Clone […]

Brad McQuaid Responds To Vanguard Criticism

Brad McQuaid is seeking eight hundred thousand dollars via Kickstarter for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, and not everyone is falling over themselves to hand their money over. For many, the disastrous launch of Vanguard is still fresh on their minds, an event that is causing them to be less than confident in Pantheon’s prospects. […]

Vanguard Merging Down To One Server

Generally when an MMO hits that point where it has merged down to its last server, you can bet that the game is either one step away from the chopping block at worst, or will remain in maintenance mode for the rest of its life at best. Sadly this is exactly what Vanguard players are […]

Vanguard Opens Up More Features For Free

What are you thinking about, Vanguard? Why so distant all the time? Reaction to Vanguard’s free to play transition last summer has been rather positive, but at the same time pretty lukewarm, with players noting the very restrictive free to play model that SOE had implemented as the primary reason behind the negativity. Before Vanguard […]

ProSiebenSat.1 Deal Altered, More Titles Heading To Europe

You may remember back in February when Sony Online Entertainment announced that they would be opening up a multi-year partnership with European ProSiebenSat.1 Games Group. The list of games affected includes DC Universe, Everquest II, Free Realms, Everquest Next, and Planetside 2. Oddly enough, and without explanation, the list did not include Everquest, Vanguard, and […]

John Smedley On: PlaneSide 2

John Smedley dropped by Reddit for an “Ask Me Anything,” and the community certainly did ask him anything. Naturally, the Q&A started with Smedley being asked, once again, to apologize for Star Wars Galaxies, which he did. For the sake of time, I’ve compiled a few of his more interesting answers. In regards to Planetside […]

Vanguard Free To Play Details Likely To Change

Vanguard goes free to play this summer, and recently Sony Online Entertainment released the prerequisite membership matrix, detailing what players would receive for free or be required to pay for. Several of the restrictions have players up in arms, and in response Sony is giving consideration to altering several of the conditions on free accounts. […]

Vanguard Free To Play Matrix Revealed

After a long hiatus of development, Sony Online Entertainment’s MMO Vanguard finally goes live this year. So what can free players expect to find when they log in? Today, SOE released the usual Free to Play Matrix, detailing exactly what will be available when the game makes its transition. Players can expect limited access to […]

Vanguard Will Go Free To Play

The moment you have all been waiting for and already knew was coming, has come. Sony Online Entertainment has announced the upcoming free to play transition of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Therefore, I’m happy to announce Vanguard will be the next in line of our AAA games to make this transition.  Since we’ve literally just begun on […]