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Editorial: Stop Preordering Things

Since some of you are going to get about three sentences into this article before saying “but that doesn’t apply to me,” I’m going to say this from the start: If this article doesn’t apply to you, I’m not referring to you. Thank you. This week’s nontroversy stars Square Enix, Lara Croft, and once again […]


[Not Massive] Germany Allows Swastikas In Games/Depictions of Hitler

Depicting Nazi imagery in video games has been illegal in Germany for quite some time now. The law has come under a fair amount of criticism over the years as while it has a “social adequacy” rule that has allowed films and TV series to get by (Inglorious Bastards for example), video games have not […]

Chaturday: Have You Thanked Your Local National Supreme Court Today?

Given the recent climate in and around the gaming industry, the average gamer can’t really be faulted for being at least a little afraid of the path that our beloved medium is heading down, one that millions of you have turned into an industry larger than television and film. After all, certain forces have seemingly […]

Game Software/Hardware To Hit $165 Billion In 2018

It’s no surprise that the gaming industry brings in quite a bit of moolah each year, a number that has been increasing for years and doesn’t show much of a sign of slowing down. Analyst Digi-Capital today released a prediction that video game hardware/software could reach $165+ billion in sales and go as high as […]

[Community] How Gazillion Entertainment Can Salvage Itself Post-Marvel

Marvel Heroes is dead, and potentially so it Gazillion Entertainment assuming they don’t have the resources to get another game up and running before they declare bankruptcy. With Marvel’s ARPG gone and another game possibly coming down the line, I want to put my money where my mouth is and offer up a few tips […]

Blizzard Again Promises Tough Punishment For Overwatch Trolls

If you could formulate a plan to effectively punish, and get rid of, toxic players in your community, you might just become the richest person in the gaming industry. Until then, we’ll need to sit back and watch as developers continue to commit to punishing toxic community members and hope that everything works out for […]

Good Reads: 12 Surprising Health Benefits of Video Games

Good Reads is a new column I’ve been thinking about starting for a while now to bring attention to some other pieces I’ve found on the web that I think are worth my audience’s attention. This week’s bit was sent to me by a reader and is a list of how gaming can actually promote […]

Leslie Benzies Announces New Game Studio

Leslie Benzies, former Rockstar North President, has announced development on a next generation game utilizing Amazon’s Lumberyard, based on the CryEngine and integrated with Amazon’s web services, including Gamelift and Twitch. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland and Los Angeles, the group is in the process of building new game design and development studios. “I am proud […]

2016 In Review: The Year’s Most Unexpected Events

I can’t always predict the future. No, it’s true, and I am willing to admit what may just be the only flaw in an otherwise perfect being. I’m just that humble. So yea, 2016 brought with it some big surprises, and you won’t believe #6 (because this list only goes up to 5). What happened […]

Voice Actors Are Preparing For A Strike

The Screen Actors Guild has announced that it will be going on strike, barring a last minute deal, against a set list of game developers over a fallout in negotiations over contract deals. The union will be reentering negotiations today, however has warned its members to be prepared in case these last minute negotiations do […]