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City of Titans Interview At Worlds Factory

City of Titans, formerly The Phoenix Project, has blown through its Kickstarter goal and currently sits well over four hundred thousand with twenty days left to go in the campaign. Our friends over at Worlds Factory managed to get a word in with Chris “Warcabbit” Hare from Missing Worlds Media to give a few more […]


Survarium Interview On Worlds Factory

Survarium is the upcoming spiritual sequel to the STALKER series, and our friends over at Worlds Factory managed to grab an exclusive interview with Vostok Games to ask a few questions. Survarium is a free to play online first person shooter set in a world following an ecological disaster. Players will need to team up […]

Worlds Factory Interviews Nerd Kingdom on TUG MMO

What is TUG? TUG is a single and multiplayer survival sandbox game offering massive procedurally generated worlds drawing from Minecraft, Fable, Dwarf Fortress, Eve Online, and more. The game will feature many of the things you’ve come to love from a game like Minecraft, with the addition of integrated modding support, pet companions, and more. […]