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Denial of Service: US Judge Sentences Warcraft DDoS Attacker To Prison

The odds of getting caught while firing off denial of service attacks against corporate servers may be low, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that the act is any less criminal. Romanian citizenĀ Calin Mateias found that lesson out the hard way when a judge issued a one year prison sentence and $30,000 in […]


World of Warcraft Exploit Leads To City Massacre

In some MMOs, the idea of players being able to engage in PvP combat outside of designated areas can be horrifying. Someone gaining the ability to engage in combat where they shouldn’t could go on a rampage and make use of the full loot systems in games like RuneScape, and make the lives of many […]

Premium Services Coming To World of Warcraft

Here’s an interesting story out of Blizzard. According to this post on the Blizzard forums, World of Warcraft will see the introduction of cross-realm dungeon finder, for players who have friends on different realms, but still want to go through dungeons and heroics together. A new system in development will allow players with RealID friendships […]

Blizzard: $800,000 To Make-A-Wish

With all the talk over the Japanese relief aid, it’s easy to forget that MMO developers are still doing charity for other purposes. Late last year, Blizzard introduced the Moonkin Hatchling, a $10 cosmetic pet selling with 50% of the proceeds being donated to Make A Wish. Blizzard also worked with Make A Wish to […]

In Plain English: Why ScapeGaming Was Singled Out

Private servers being shut down is nothing new, and as much as players like to discuss the legality of them, at the end of the day they are illegal. Now, being illegal and warranting action are two separate things. Lawyers cost a lot of money (generally around $500 an hour), so paying a lawyer to […]

[Video] Chuck Norris NPC In World Of Warcraft

I don’t normally post my Youtube videos here, but I figured I’d make an exception. In Hillsbrad Foothills on WoW, I encountered this NPC. Despite my multiple attempts at killing him, he would fight me until his health hit a certain level, and the he would rubber band back to his waypoint (like an NPC […]

New WoW Armory Sparks Privacy Outrage

Ask someone who strays away from MMOs what their biggest fear about the genre is, and chances are one of those answers will be along the lines of “looking like a nerd.” Despite World of Warcraft, among other games, bringing MMOs into the mainstream audience, many MMOers (alongside video games as a whole) still fear […]

WoW: 10 More Years

In a recent interview with Joystiq, J. Allen Brack (Lead Producer over at Blizzard) had this to say on the game’s longevity: I have said, internally, and I think externally as well, that I fully expect WoW to be around for at least 10 more years. Good news for anyone getting worried (IE: Borderline paranoia) […]

Crimecraft: Perfectly Good Hills

Crimecraft launched today, andĀ  if there’s one thing to say about the developers, Vogster Entertainment, it is that they are very self aware. They recognize that Crimecraft is foremost a shooter, and secondly an MMO (the persistent lobby). They are stout in their belief that Crimecraft is not, as many naysayers seem to believe, a […]