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Update: Microsoft To Blame For Warface Shuttering

Following up on the announcement that Warface would be shutting down its Xbox 360 services, Crytek has come forward to finger Microsoft as the culprit. A representative of Crytek told Game Informer in a statement that the decision to shut the servers down was made by Microsoft, acting publisher of Warface on the Xbox. “With […]


Warface Shutting Down On 360 In February

Crytek has announced that it is sunsetting Warface on the Xbox 360 this February, less than a year after the servers went live last April. Registration for new players has already been disabled, while current players can continue playing but will be unable to purchase more currency. Xbox players are encouraged to continue playing on […]

This Is The First Part: Secret World 360 Delayed Forever

Before the discussion begins, let me just put something out in the open: I would love to see an MMO on the Xbox 360. Final Fantasy XI has somewhat of a monopoly, and Phantasy Star isn’t an MMO in the traditional open world sense, so that leaves Final Fantasy with the reigns. I don’t own […]

Undead Labs: Class3 on 360, Your MMO Not So Much…

Undead Labs is on the MMO Fallout list of “Developers We’d Like To See Succeed,” and not just because they are promising us a zombie MMO, although that reason covers the basic essentials. Thanks to a publishing deal with Microsoft, Undead Labs is taking the Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment route by first creating a zombie game […]

Champions Online on the 360: Officially Canned

“It has always been, and still remains our intent to release on consoles, and as soon as we’re able to share more information about it, we will.” -Daeke, Community Manager, Cryptic Studios, on Champions Online on consoles. One  downside to the internet is that anything you say can and will be used against you in […]