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PSA: Xbox Game Pass Is Available Now

The Xbox Game Pass doesn’t begin officially until June 1st, but Gold members can get their hands on the free 14 day trial right now. Boasting a Netflix-style subscription service, Xbox Game Pass costs $10 per month and grants access to a list of over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 (backwards compatible) titles. The […]

Neverwinter Hits 15 Million Players Across 3 Systems

Neverwinter has plenty of reasons to celebrate today as the MMO announces that it has reached 15 million customers across PC, Xbox, and Playstation. Perfect World Entertainment has released a video thanking the community, embedded below. Since its original launch in June 2013, Neverwinter has continued to receive expansions, bringing exciting and diverse content from […]

Surprise: Marvel Heroes Announced for PS4, Xbox One

Marvel Heroes is coming to Xbox and Playstation, an announcement that should only surprise someone who hasn’t played or kept up to date on the game’s updates over the past year. Currently announced for Playstation 4 and coming to Xbox One at an unknown date, Marvel Heroes will launch a closed beta that will gradually become turn […]

Grab Your 7 Free Ubisoft Games Before December 18

Ubisoft is giving another chance to get your hands on the seven free games handed out during the UBI30 event. Celebrating the company’s 30 years of existence, the UBI30 giveaway is a great way to get your hands on some of Ubisoft’s best titles from Beyond Good and Evil to Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. […]

Star Trek Online Tops 1 Million On Xbox/Playstation

Star Trek Online launched on Xbox One a month ago and Perfect World Entertainment has announced that the consoles have surpassed 1 million players. According to a press release revealed today, the 1.1 million players break down into 68% Starfleet, 20% Klingon, 12% Romulan, with 2.7 million bridge officers and over 1,600 fleets in service. […]

Storm King’s Thunder Hits Neverwinter On PS4/Xbox One

Following its launch on PC, Neverwinter players on Xbox and Playstation are finally able to get their hands on the latest module: Storm King’s Thunder. Deployed today to live servers, the latest Neverwinter module tasks adventurers with fighting off invading giants in Icewind Dale. The update introduces a new campaign, three new adventure zones, a tier-3 […]

Livelock Hits PC, PS4, and Xbox

Today, Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a leading publisher of free-to-play MMORPGs, and Tuque Games announced Livelock – a fast-paced cooperative top-down shooter combining intelligent action and unique characters is now available on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC for $19.99. A three-pack of Livelock will be available on Arc and the Humble Store at a discounted […]

Neverwinter Hits Playstation 4 On July 19th

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that Neverwinter will be releasing on Playstation 4 on July 19th. The game will be available to early access users on July 12th with the purchase of a $20 Onyx Head Start Pack, with everyone else gaining access a week later. The Playstation 4 edition will work all content from […]

Surprise! APB Reloaded Soft Launches On Xbox One

It’s been a while since Reloaded Productions first announced that APB Reloaded would be hitting consoles, so it came as a bit of a surprise when the announcement dropped last night that the game was now live. European Xbox One users can access a soft launch of the MMO while players in the US will […]

Rumored Division Open Beta Is True, Coming February 18th

Last week’s rumors of an open beta coming for The Division have proven true, as Ubisoft has announced that gamers on Xbox, PC, and PS3 will be able to get in and play in just about a week and a half. Xbox One players will have a one day bonus, gaining access on February 18th […]