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Xsyon Announces Month of Events

This Sunday, March 12th, marks the start of the 2016 Xsyon event season. Players of the sandbox MMO will be able to take part in a series of 16 events run by Xsyon staff and other members of the community, from fishing competitions to capture the flag and Hunger Games battles, among others. Most of […]


Xsyon Converts To Buy To Play

Xsyon developer Notorious Games has announced that the indie MMO has dropped its optional subscription and converted entirely to buy to play. Keen gamers will now be able to access everything that the title has to offer with a single payment. Past paid players are welcome to return for free to the world of Xsyon […]

Xsyon Continues Month of Updates

Notorious Games has announced the launch of Xsyon’s latest update, introducing a trading post to the post-apocalyptic MMO. The trading post allows for trade with tribes beyond the mist, and accompanies several other tweaks and improvements. This update sets the stage for many upcoming building uses including infirmaries, welcome stations, taverns, craft workshops and toll […]

Xsyon Announces New Architecture Update

Notorious Games has unveiled the first big update to Xsyon in 2015, focusing on architecture. The update adds a number of conveniences to building, including the ability to build bridges over water without terraforming as well as other new features. Xsyon’s improved architectural system boasts versatility and ease of use. Players are now empowered to fully […]

Xsyon Now On Steam Early Access

Notorious Games has officially launched their sandbox MMO Xsyon on Steam Early Access. Now available for $29.99, and includes one month of subscription time. During the Prelude, Xsyon is continuously evolving and expanding. This phase of the game was intended as a time for the game to adapt to its community. The development team has […]

Xsyon Improves Free to Play Trial

Xsyon is a free to play sandbox MMO which features an extensive terraforming and construction system, but up until now you had to be a paying subscriber to truly make an impact on the world. In the latest update, Notorious Games has opened up homesteads to free players, allowing them to build and shape to […]

Xsyon Introduces Farming And Cooking

Xsyon players will be happy to know that no longer will they need to eat their fish raw. Notorious Games has announced the release of two of Xsyon’s most anticipated features: Cooking and farming. With farming, players will be able to plant their own farms and grow crops, crops that will need to be tended […]

Xsyon Terrain Update

Xsyon has released a massive update to the game’s terrain system. The goal of the update is to provide plenty of room to settle for new players, while facilitating travel for current players and allow them room to expand. The Xsyon landscape is shaped and molded by players. Over the years many unsightly mounds and ruins […]

Xsyon Rounds Up Raccoons This Weekend

Xsyon is kicking off a summer of events with a weekend Raccoon Roundup. Set for Saturday and Sunday, players are tasked with taking care of Xsyon’s growing raccoon population. Throughout the summer, Notorious Games will be running events including races, hunts, skill contests, arenas, competitions, and more. Events run on both war (pvp) and peace […]

Xsyon Improves New Player Experience

Notorious Games has released the latest patch for Xsyon, pushing forward with a number of quality of life improvements to the game experience. Foremost, a tutorial has been implemented with more than two hundred panels of instructions for new players and those that might have missed a thing or two along the way. There are […]