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Zynga Recovering With Higher Than Expected Earnings

Zynga’s stock has recovered most of its value following the announcement that CEO Don Mattrick would step down with Mark Pincus taking his place. Zynga’s stock fell heavily with Pincus’ return, down to a low of $2.38 from its $2.90. Investors are responding well to Zynga’s latest quarterly results, in which the company announced severe […]


Zynga’s Stock Continues Shedding After Pincus Returns

Zynga’s stock continued shedding value today, just a day after the developer revealed that CEO Don Mattrick would step down and be replaced by founder and ex-CEO Mark Pincus. Zynga’s stock ended the day at $2.90, at which they lost about 10% in after-hours trading. Starting the day at $2.6, the stock fell another twenty […]

Zynga Stocks Drop 10% After Hours After Mark Pincus Returns

In a letter posted to employees earlier today, Zynga founder and chairman of the board of directors Mark Pincus announced that CEO Don Mattrick would be stepping down from his post, with Pincus taking his place effective immediately. Mattrick steps down after less than two years as CEO, during which he managed to grow Zynga’s […]

Zynga Reports Massive Losses YoY

Zynga has posted their second quarter figures for 2014 and the results are less than stellar, depressing even. The creator of Farmville posted a 34 percent drop in revenue compared to last year, with net income dropping down to $2.8 million from $6.1 million. The company continued its ongoing losses with a dramatic rise from […]

Zynga Farms $1 Million For Charity

Holiday Lights is an expansion farm for FarmVille introduced a few weeks ago by Zynga. Unlike other expansion farms, Holiday Lights is unique in that 100% of the Zynga’s share on in-game items is directed straight to charity. In a post on the Zynga blog, the company congratulated its players for raising one million dollars […]

A Quick Look At Ultimate Collector

I have to admit: When I saw that Richard Garriot’s new game was a Facebook social title, my heart sank. And then when I found out he was partnering with Zynga, the force of sudden massive compression caused my heart to tear itself inside out. Luckily, through the magic of modern science and a genetics […]