Tencent Prepares To Take On Steam

Tencent appears to be aiming at PC juggernaut Valve by globalizing its own Steam-esque platform and rebranding as WeGame. Already massive in comparison to Steam, 200 million users in China compared to Steam’s 125 million worldwide, Tencent’s website indicates that the new WeGame platform will support global players on one client, expanding westward and introducing millions more to its ever expanding control of the market. The news comes from a splash page on Tencent’s website, translated and discussed by Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad.

For those vaguely familiar with Tencent’s name, the company owns League of Legends developer Riot Games and Clash of Clans developer Supercell. Its stock is currently worth around $30 USD, putting its value around the level of Sony ($31.79) and Nintendo ($30.41). Last month Tencent released its December quarter earnings, boasting 43.9 billion Yuan, $6.3 billion USD. If anyone has the finances to get a foot in the west and put the fear of God in Valve, it is probably Tencent.

(Source: Twitter)

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