[TERA] Want Founder Status? Get It Before It’s Gone


[UPDATE: It’s dead, Jim. TERA’s digital edition has been discontinued. If you haven’t picked it up by now, you’re out of luck.]

TERA heads free to play in February, and if you intend on playing it you might have wanted to get your hands on a copy of the game back when Amazon had it on sale for $5. In fact, if you were thinking about buying it now, you’re too late. The TERA digital edition has already been removed from Amazon, but you can still buy it at En Masse Entertainment’s website for $20. Why would you want to buy a copy of a game when it is heading free to play? Simple: Founder status.

Players who had purchased a boxed copy of TERA (whether digital or physical) and redeem the account key will be granted Founder status, which grants rewards higher in some spots than a free to play account subscribing. Crazy, indeed. Eight character slots per server (compared to 2), a Founder title, an exclusive Terminus mount, 288 bank slots (compared to 72), and a few lesser restrictions over free players. So you’ll buy a copy from EME after the game goes free, you’re thinking. Well, you thought wrong:

When we launch, we will discontinue all digital sales of TERA, so any remaining physical boxes will be the only way to gain founder status. Please check with your local retailer. Boxes will be available only while supplies last, and no new boxes are in creation.

If you do get your hands on a copy of TERA post-launch, you’ll still be able to redeem the code and grant your account with founder status.

(Source: TERA FAQ)

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