The Best MMO Driving Games

While the MMO market might be dominated by RPGs, there are a surprising number of titles in this genre which focus on four-wheeled racing action. So if you’re sick of battling orcs and dying on boss raids, here are some of the best MMO driving games that offer a change of pace.


Like many popular MMOs, Crossout follows the free to play model, meaning you don’t need to risk any cash to give it a go. It also has plenty to set it apart from its peers, with a post-apocalyptic
setting that’s reminiscent of Mad Max, and a focus on vehicle customisation to let players create unique rides of their own design. Building a death-dealing vehicle is just part of the process; the real fun comes when you head out to compete against others and get involved in some large scale destruction. To get the most out of the game you’ll probably want to invest a little money and unlock some of the premium features. You’ll also have to be happy to spend a while tinkering with your vehicles, so if you’re impatient and prefer immediate action, then it might not be for you.

Drift City

This gorgeous game may have shut down in the west, but with servers remaining up and running in Japan and Korea there is still an opportunity to jump into the action. Blending story elements with multiplayer sensibilities, it has cel-shaded graphics that make it stand out from the crowd and arcade-like controls that you don’t need to be an expert to master. If you want to see how good you are at drifting you can play here and you’re not required to learn Japanese to get involved.

Forza Horizon 3

While not strictly an MMO, this game is very much oriented around its online features and is ideal for players who want to try a racer that has a large, global community supporting it. The four player co-op mode is particularly attractive, as it puts you and the other players on the same side, rather than encouraging you to fight it out amongst yourselves. Another perk of this game is that it’s available on both Xbox One and PC, with players on either platform able to get online alongside one another. This is a rare example of console gamers being allowed in the same online ecosystem as their desktop-bound overlords.

TrackMania Nations Forever

TrackMania is a long-running series of racing games which offer a mix of mind-bending courses, insane stunts and massive multiplayer match-ups that can’t be found anywhere else. There are lots of different games in this franchise, but TrackMania Nations Forever is the only one that fits the bill as an MMO. It is free to download from Steam, and features fully customisable tracks with an almost unlimited number of different routes and obstacles to overcome. This game originally came out in 2008, but the fact that it still has a solid community supporting it is a testament to the amount of fun it offers players. It’s also not a big resource hog, so if your PC isn’t particularly powerful it should still be able to run it fairly smoothly.

World of Speed

This game is currently in early access on Steam, but it promises to offer a fully-featured racing experience, which not only includes exciting match-ups against real players, but also focuses on
amassing a collection of real-world cars. This is more of a simulator than an arcade title, so players can expect to tune their cars to improve their performance and drive in a virtual world that is governed by realistic physics. People who decide to invest in this game before it’s officially launched will get a number of perks, including in-game currency which can be used to buy upgrades, along with free access to a premium account for a limited period.

There are a number of classic MMORPG driving games in the pipeline, including the famous Madalin
Stunt Cars 2 – – but that’s another topic entirely to cover.

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