The Missing Ink Will Accept Bitcoins


UK MMO developer RedBedlam is not unfamiliar with breaking new boundaries, having brought Roma Victor to the free to play scene long before it was the popular thing to do. Fast forward to 2013 and the studio is once again paving the way for others to follow with the announcement that their upcoming MMO, The Missing Ink, will be supporting the virtual currency Bitcoin.

RedBedlam’s CEO Kerry Fraser-Robinson stated the following in a press release sent out today:

“We’re delighted to support Bitcoin.  We believe in the virtual currency and we think, as an Indie games developer, that this is exactly the type of payment option we should offer to players of The Missing Ink and also future games we have in development.”

The Missing Ink is currently in open beta and can be played by anyone with an account.

(Source: The Missing Ink)

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