The Mummy Online Shutting Down Today


There are teenagers today who were not alive when The Mummy first released, yet have enough sense to tell you what a horrible idea licensing the franchise was for a video game, let alone an MMO. Even 2010 Omali, a pea-brained simpleton who believed anything was viable with enough heart, thought that this was a bad idea. No, The Mummy Online was most likely conceived in the same fashion as many dying properties. Someone decided to jump on board the train, figuring it had one good run left in it before the franchise was worthless, or the creators were willing to sell it out for pennies on the dollar in the hopes that maybe someone would pay attention and remember that they exist.

And much like its film counterpart, The Mummy Online went directly to the bottom of the bargain bin, never to be seen again. The beta servers went live on December 7th, 2011 and the last content update rolled out March 16th, 2012, giving the game a life cycle of three months from public access to maintenance mode. After a good year and a half of the game acting as a digital dust collector, Bigpoint will finally pull the plug today.

As you will have noticed during the past few months, there have been less and less players online to play with and no new features have been added to the game recently. This is why we’ve decided to put more effort into the games that already have a large active fan base, and make them even more awesome with the resources we have.

While we’re on topic, I’m looking for a beta invite to that Milli Vanilli MMO if anyone has a key to spare.

(Source: Bigpoint)

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