The Old Republic Nixes Training Costs

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Bioware has announced that next week training costs will be a thing of the past. Community manager Eric Musco posted the announcement on the Bioware forums today, revealing that next week’s update will completely remove the cost of training abilities, allowing players to train their characters completely free of charge. The announcement comes after the latest major update forced players to rebuy many of their abilities to a fairly expensive tune. Players took to the forums to air their grievances on the update, leading to this announcement.

It is a situation where every level you will see your hard earned credits go to a holographic Hutt doctor in order to make yourself a bit stronger. We have been talking about this topic internally for quite some time and when you add player feedback to the mix one thing becomes clear… We should make training costs a thing of the past.

Players who already dumped large amounts of credits on retraining their skills are out of luck, as Musco confirmed later in the thread that Bioware is not offering any compensation to players.

(Source: The Old Republic)

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