The Return of Bill Roper: New Worlds To Explore In SpatialOS

Bill Roper has returned to the world of MMORPGs. Following his tenure at Flagship Studios and Cryptic Studios (during Champions Online’s launch), Bill Roper left the genre to head up the gaming division at Disney with its Infinity line of products. Now he is back, joining SpatialOS creator Improbable to create new worlds.

Those of you who have been keeping track will recall that Improbable is putting together technology to create more permanent, persistent worlds. The company is picking up some big names, including Jagex, who are interested in incorporating their technology.

“The possibilities for not just massive worlds, but highly detailed and truly persistent worlds built on SpatialOS are exciting. I believe the games that will define AR and VR are yet to be realized, and the type of simulation that can be achieved with our platform can be an integral part of these new experiences,” says Roper.

SpatialOS is making its way into a bunch of games, from Chronicles of Elyria to Worlds Adrift, and more to be announced.

(Source: Gamasutra)

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