The Story Continues: Funcom Announces Secret World Legends Expansion

The secret world of The Secret World just got bigger as Funcom today announced the first story expansion since the game went free to play last year. Continuing the main story, Dawn of the Morninglight leads players to investigate the faction of the same name.

The Morninglight began in The Secret World’s story as seemingly insignificant threats with the player finding bodies of their agents present seemingly wherever a disaster occurred. As the story went on, the Morninglight’s insidious nature began to show itself, and in Dawn of the Morninglight players will finally get the opportunity to infiltrate the secretive organization and see how it ticks.

“This is it, this is the next chapter every Secret World player have been waiting for,” says Josh Mills, Producer for Secret World Legends. “Ever since we left off in Tokyo before going free-to-play, players have been wanting to know what happens next. The whole team is really excited to finally be able to provide some answers to that and taking the story into a location such as South Africa has been an absolute blast. This is Secret World Legends unlike you’ve ever seen it before.”

(Source: Funcom)


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