This Week In Review: Pledge This


I hate clip shows, so much that I’ve never given much bother to a weekly wrapup here at MMO Fallout. So instead of devoting the week in review to reestablishing topics we’ve already talked about, I want to give some time to pieces that I did not cover. So let’s check out the news, shall we?

Sony is being sued over Killzone on PS4 not delivering native 1080p in multiplayer. What the game does is it scales up what is technically not really 1080p to deliver a final output that is technically 1080p. If you’re going to sue a game developer, there are many other instances that would have been a better case to make. Game developers have been lying about graphics and performance since the days when they’d stick arcade screenshots on the case of NES ports. This is in no way a defense of Sony, but I have a feeling that they will win this lawsuit because the question of “native” comes down to multiple definitions that exist in the industry.

Meawhile, Activision has hired a level 80 necromancer to revive the years-dead Sierra. Sierra is the developer responsible for the Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Space/King/Police Quests, Homeworld, and Timeshift. They shut down in 2008 when Activision merged with Vivendi, but it appears that Activision is now interested in bringing them back. Boy are the guys at Sierra going to be disappointed when they see what Spyro has become.

Wing Commander 3 is available for free via Origin “On The House.” If you’ve never played this game, and our younger viewers won’t have, Wing Commander 3 is a dogfighting game released in 1994 and stars not Han Solo and not Chewbacca. Grab the game for free and keep it in your account forever, or until EA goes under in 2025.

And speaking of misleading advertising, Codemasters is offering refunds on Colin McRae Racing after gamers purchased what they thought was an HD remake on Steam only to find that what Codemasters was offering was in fact a port of a mobile game. Refunds will be available until August 19th, after which you’re on your own.

And finally Dead or Alive released a DLC pack which introduces “bed and bath” outfits to the players. The outfits are just as creepy and voyeuristic as you’d expect from Dead or Alive.

Tune in next week as we discuss why your favorite childhood icons weren’t as great as you remember.

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