Titan Icon Unlocks City of Heroes Creator Offline


The City of Heroes servers may be offline, but why should that stop you from getting in some Paragon City nostalgia? I’m not talking about some weak slideshow or compilation video either, I’m talking a cold hard client with some real play to it. Enter our friends at Titan Network, who recently unveiled Titan Icon. What is Titan Icon? Continue reading.

Titan Icon is a client which unlocks the character creator for offline play. All you need is a copy of City of Heroes updated to the Issue 23 or 24 client, and you can download this handy tool. Assuming you uninstalled City of Heroes, you can get a copy from the link below. You can even load up one of six maps to test your character’s run animations.

Overall, it’s a pretty cool tool. If you are looking for the spiritual, community made sequel to City of Heroes, check out Heroes and Villains and The Phoenix Project.

(Source: Titan Network)

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One Response to “Titan Icon Unlocks City of Heroes Creator Offline”

  1. iPwn says:

    I am having ball with this! Can’t wait to see what they add in 1.8 🙂

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