Top: Can’t Miss Old School Exclusive Content


Old School RuneScape, or Oldscape, or ’07Scape as some have taken to calling it, has become a lot more than just an imprint of RuneScape as it was in 2007. Since its launch two years ago, Old School has ventured off in its own direction, with content developed exclusively for this version.

So in no particular order, here is a list of the top exclusive content.

1. Exclusive Bosses/Drops

As development transitioned from simple bug fixes, tweaks, and interface updates, to larger content updates, Old School has seen the introduction of several exclusive bosses. Several of the bosses, like Scorpia, reside in the wilderness where other players are a threat. Others, like the Cave Kraken, require the player to be on a slayer task to kill. Some are just plain weird. Regardless, almost all of the bosses something worth killing them over, be it a powerful weapon or a modifier to existing items.

The most recent boss to be developed for Old School is Zulrah, a solo-only snake creature.

2. Motherlode Mine

The Motherlode Mine is a must visit for players seeking mining experience and easy cash. Located in the Falador mine, players go around mining pay-dirt which is processed in the center of the area. In return, the pay-dirt is converted randomly into coal (most common), gold (less common), as well as mithril, adamant, and rune at higher levels (least common). In addition to ore, the player also randomly receives gold nuggets.

The nuggets can be traded in for a prospector outfit which boosts mining experience by a small percentage. Gold nuggets can also be used to purchase a coal bag and a gem bag, which hold a substantial amount of their respective items.

3. Agility Rooftop Courses

Training agility in Old School RuneScape is necessary if you don’t want to be walking constantly, and the training process is dreadful. Thankfully Jagex implemented a user-created suggestion for new agility courses, located on the roofs of various cities. To keep the player semi-conscious as they grind through agility, marks of grace randomly drop on the play-field and can be picked up to buy the graceful outfit.

The graceful outfit decreases the player’s weight, and additional marks of grace can be used to buy reagents for stamina potions.

4. Looting Bag

One of the more interesting items in Old School. The Looting Bag is a sack offering 28 additional inventory spaces, with a few stipulations on when and where it can be used. Designed specifically for player vs player combat, items can only be put inside the bag while inside the wilderness, and can only be withdrawn at the bank interface. The looting bag does not contribute to player weight, however everything in it is dropped upon death.

5. PvP Worlds

An old relic from 2001-era RuneScape. PvP worlds allow player vs player combat virtually anywhere except for designated safe zones like banks. There are two servers designated as PvP on Old School, and if you only use specific worlds or always use the suggested server, you may not even know that they exist. They offer the opportunity for all out warfare of the highest honor.

Or you can stick around and loot the corpses, like your old Uncle Omali.


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