Trion Worlds Offering “Community Appreciation” Package

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Trion Worlds recently found itself in a bit of controversy following the company’s attempt to win back ex-customers by doling out gift packages. The packages were considered far too generous by members of the community, including expensive gift packages and items that previously required heavy investment into the game’s lockboxes. In response, community manager Scapes announced that a plan would be announced today once it was finalized in internal meetings.

At their Livestream today, Trion announced the details of the plan. Paying patrons (paid real money) will receive a cyanfin mount, starlight glider, 30 Golden Library Index items, 10 Tyrenos index items, 10 experience potions, 7 day passes to the library floors, 5 worker’s comp potions, 2 vocation tonics, and 1 of each lucky point and archeum essence. Non-paying accounts will receive the index items (only one Tyrenos), 4 lockboxes, 2 worker’s comp potions, and 1 vocation tonic.

Players who bought the cash shop lockbox will receive tokens for each box that they purchased that can be used to buy any of the lockboxes that have been released to date.

(Source: Trion Worlds Livestream)

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