Trove Packs On Sale Now


Trion Worlds recently announced Trove, a voxel-based game where players encounter a constantly changing world filled with dynamic events, endless quests, and loot. Did I mention the loot? With the game still a ways out, Trion has decided to jump on the wagon of selling the alpha, and has revealed multiple pre-purchase packs ranging from $5 to $2500. What do the packs get you? Beta access, alpha access, inventory expansions, hats, mystery gifts, supporter credits, and more.

Additionally, there are eight milestones which unlock further rewards. Check it out at the link below.

(Source: Trove)

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3 Responses to “Trove Packs On Sale Now”

  1. The Kickstarter evolution of dev projects continues. It has gone from “We need financing” to “Its part of the marking plan” to “We’ll skip the campaign and just go straight to selling alpha and beta access.”

    • Connor Wack says:

      If crowd-funding the game as it is developed will help the title and stop the developer from bankrupting itself in the process and shutting down because they ran out of cash and had to release early, I’m all for it. That is a massive IF, however. In Trion’s case, I like Rift and Defiance enough to hope that this infusion of cash will stop them chopping off any more body parts than they already have to make up for Defiance and End of Nations’ continued mismanagement.

    • Connor Wack says:

      That being said, anyone who considers buying the $2,500 should cancel their pre-order and invest their money in MMO Fallout. Or donate it to that hurricane relief.