Valve Updates Steam Groups To Curb Gambling Spam

If you play Counter Strike: Global Offensive, odds are you are probably not unfamiliar with the mass quantities of spam groups that have popped up related to gambling websites. Thanks to Valve not implementing a way to automatically block group invitations, players were at the mercy of whether or not a bot group had you in their sights. With today’s update, Valve hopes to curb Steam spam by preventing level 0 bot accounts from spamming invites.

First off, we see that more and more organized spammers are using bots to create groups on a huge scale. At some times, the number of new groups created explicitly for spamming outweigh the legitimate groups. Once a spammer has created a bunch of new groups, they then use bots to invite random players into the group. Even if only a small percentage of players that were invited end up joining any one of these groups, the spammer still can end up with a significant audience. The spammers then use these groups to advertise various websites or offers by posting frequent announcements to the members.

Starting today, you will only be able to invite your friends to groups, and likewise in regards to receiving invitations. It seems fairly likely that this will lead to friend request spam replacing group request spam, but it is a step in the right direction.

(Source: Steam)

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