Valve’s Steam Policy: Aids Simulator, No, Suicide Simulator, Yes

(Update: Since this posting, all of the developer’s titles have been pulled from Steam)

Aids Simulator was a game set to launch on Steam on June 12, 2018, at least until Valve shut it down and ripped it off the game store (still available in its archived state) According to its developer, BunchOD00dz, Aids Simulator is a game where you play as someone who goes to Africa and gets HIV, and must now kill all of the Africans who gave you HIV. It bills itself as an asset flip that performs poorly and isn’t fun. In short, it’s exactly the troll game to make the press go nuts.

The developer’s other titles include Suicide Simulator, which has apparently been deemed not a troll game and thus suitable for Steam, and Blackscreen Simulator, a title that is not in fact a black screen but instead a zombie shooter using flipped assets that similarly bills itself as short, low quality, and prone to crashing.

With Valve’s new stance on lowering the barrier to entry for Steam while toughening its stance on troll games, we’ll have to see how games like Aids Simulator and Suicide Simulator are handled going forward.

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