Vanguard Gets A Patch

Allow me to be the first to exclaim: Holy cow! If you don’t understand why Vanguard being patched warrants an article, you probably don’t follow Vanguard, and if you don’t follow Vanguard…Well I’ll let the community’s wrath be a surprise. So far, MMO Fallout is running on comments that Sony would like to take Vanguard to a free to play system, but that some key infrastructure must be put into place first (updates to the game, actual developers working on the title, etc).

The update added in today doesn’t do much apart from some bug fixes, but the overall message is that Sony does indeed still notice this red-headed step child. This will likely still not quell discussion surrounding John Smedley’s comment over their subscription service back in January:

The monthly subscription fee means players can expect a lot of new content from us. And I say a lot — I really mean that. This is something that we feel obligated to the players, because they are paying a monthly sub fee.

More on Vanguard as it appears.

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