[Video] Nano-Boosted Bastion Is Nearly Indestructible

Who says using the test server can’t be fun? Blizzard’s latest test patch for Overwatch is up for players to enjoy, take advantage of, and suss out potential game breaking issues not unlike the one you see in the video above. Among the various changes to heroes are a variety of tweaks meant to make Bastion more viable. While Bastion’s deployment time has been reduced by a third and his magazine size buffed from 200 to 300, bullet spread has increased and both critical hits and head shot multipliers have been removed. Bastion can now heal while moving, however this is tied to a limited resource that refreshes while not being used. Oh and he also gains a passive defensive buff reducing damage by 35% while in sentry mode.

That last bit is important, because as players are finding out on the server, that buff stacks with Ana’s Nano Boost ultimate, which reduces damage by 50%. Nano boosted Bastion may be one of the best things to come out of the Overwatch test realm, but if you want to check it out for yourself you’ll need to do so before Blizzard patches it out.

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