[Video] RuneScape: Invention Batch 2 Diary

The next RuneScape expansion is right around the bend, and Jagex is talking about a major update to Invention coming along with the update. For now Jagex is taking community feedback regarding changes to Invention as well as new device ideas.

Mods Ollie, Deg and Erator take you through what they have planned for the second batch of invention, due to be released with the next RuneScape expansion. Check out the video and give us your thoughts and feedback on what you would like to see added to invention, as well as how to complete the skill.

Interested players are encouraged to head over to the official forums and Reddit to voice their suggestion.

  • Benefits for reaching higher levels
  • New devices, focusing on 99+
  • Machines, which will slowly automate simple processes for you
  • Quality of life improvements.

And more!

(Source: Youtube)

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