[Video] RuneScape: Meet Darren

This week Jagex released the latest trailer for RuneScape, introducing players to Darren, an adventurer who learns that you can’t just start off fighting three headed dragons.

“Anybody who has played RuneScape over the years will know that seizing adventure with both hands will take them on a journey across the game world, whether that’s battling three-headed dragons, sailing the seas of The Eastern Lands, or even interacting with the gods themselves. The new trailer introduces players to Darren as he begins his own adventure to smite King Black Dragon and make great friends along the way.”

The new trailer coincides with a promotional partnership with Twitch Prime. Prime members can redeem a RuneScape package this month containing one free month of membership, Umbral armor, a flame blade weapon, a companion pet, two umbral chests (loot boxes), and 15 treasure keys and 200 runecoins (cash shop currency). You’ll need to link your Twitch Prime account to your RuneScape account, this promotion runs until September 19.

All weapons/armor given as part of the promotion are cosmetic overrides.

(Source: RuneScape)

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