Villagers & Heroes Launches New Starfall Expansion

Villagers & Heroes has announced the launch of its next expansion for this fall. Dubbed Starfall, the new expansion is set to bring a ton of new content from an increased level cap, new loot system, talent trees, and more. You’ll be able to level up to 90 thanks to seven new content zones, as well as a fifth rebirth option. Starfall promises more powerful loot with more stat boost and weapon masteries specific to each class.

“We’re very excited to announce the expansion to our game”, Said Mad Otter Games C.E.O Damon Slye. “Starfall is our most ambitious expansion to date that not only adds plenty of new content such as new locations, but also reworks a large portion of the game such as crafting, loot, and the progression system. Oh, and did I mention we are removing repair costs for weapons and armor?”

The list of updates is gigantic, and you can read them all here. In the move up to launch, Mad Otter Games is also offering a challenge for players with rewards for the whole community. For more information, check out the official website.

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