Wait…What? WHAT!? All Points Bulletin Is Gone…Taken Offline


See? This is what I get for going to school. Several hours ago, Realtime Worlds announced that All Points Bulletin will be shutting down within the next 24 hours. It feels like just last week we were reporting on Realtime Worlds heading into Chapter 11 bankruptcy, selling off MyWorld, and desperately trying to find a new bidder for All Points Bulletin. At the time, Realtime Worlds expressed that the game was still lively, holding 130,000 active players. In a post on the APB forums, Brett Bateman had this to say;

“APB has been a fantastic journey, but unfortunately that journey has come to a premature end. Today we are sad to announce that despite everyone’s best efforts to keep the service running; APB is coming to a close.”

According to Eurogamer, a source close to Realtime Worlds disclosed that the game will be pulled within 24 hours, as the company could not find a buyer.

“Despite all the talk, no buyer has been found so it looks like the plug is about to be pulled. We’ve heard that it could go tomorrow”.

Our thoughts and hopes go out to the now ex-employees of Realtime Worlds. It appears as though All Points Bulletin is already offline, as neither the forums nor the game itself are working currently.

I’ll be updating as more information appears, but this for all intent and purpose, this is the end of APB.

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  1. Your Wrong says:

    GamersFirst revived APB