Wargaming E3 Bundle Pulls Bait and Switch, And Switch, And Switch


Wargaming is facing a consumer backlash following what many are calling a bait-and-switch on a recent Humble Bundle offer. Players who bought into the Humble E3 Bundle received digital goodies in Wargaming’s upcoming MMO World of Warships. The goods include a seven day premium pass, money, and a powerful ship called a Murmansk.

As of June 16th, Wargaming’s stance on the Murmansk is that the ship would transfer over from closed beta. Later, the company tried to renege on its statement, now claiming that the bundle was only meant as a “preview.”

Last week we said you’d get the Murmansk on your accounts after we went into Open Beta. That was incorrect; we had only ever intended to treat this partnership with Humble Bundle as an opportunity to preview premium World of Warships content and to help drive donations to charity.

In the post, the blame is put on the wording on the Humble Bundle page when, clearly, the wrong information was also being disseminated on Wargaming’s forums by their own staff. Additionally, players are already reporting that their codes are no longer working.

Wargaming, for their part, has stated that players will indeed receive the ship. The other parts of the bundle, however, there hasn’t been any comment.

With the World of Warships Open Beta merely days away, we want to make sure your first experience with our latest game is a great one: those of you who purchased and redeemed the Humble Bundle E3 Digital Ticket codes for World of Warships will be credited with the Murmansk shortly. This ship will remain on your account through the remainder of Closed Beta, into Open Beta, and through to release. It is yours to captain.

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