Warhammer Online Is Boring Crap, At Least Mythic Thinks So…

Mythic Entertainment is taking a unique approach to advertising Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes, their upcoming MOBA game, and I’m not just referring to presenting the title with all the apathy of a high school student’s PowerPoint presentation on the agricultural impact of Wyoming on its neighboring states pre-dating the 1900’s. Back when Wrath of Heroes was announced, a good number of people noticed that the game is essentially Warhammer Online’s scenarios, minus the grinding and leveling, with the original three faction battles that die-hard Dark Age of Camelot fans have been begging for since the game’s unveiling.

Turns out they were right. At the PAX panel, the WoH development team directly stated that Wrath of Heroes is for people who liked Warhammer Online’s scenarios, but did not want to invest the time or money into the MMO. Or as the panel put it, they cut out all the “boring crap” so that players wouldn’t have to grind for “748,000 hours” to gain small incremental advancements in skills and power. If your average WAR fanboy isn’t steaming at the ears from this news, the team goes on to explain that much of the armor in Wrath of Heroes was either used or scrapped in Warhammer Online.

Mythic is going to need to clean the tire treads off of Warhammer Online, because Paul Barnett and the rest of the panel did their best to trash the MMO and throw it under the bus, a sentiment that the WAR community is not at all happy about.

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  1. If nothing else, best headline ever.