Weekend Events: Find The Loot Edition


The weekend is here, and that means events aplenty. Is your game hosting an event this weekend?


Marvel Heroes: 2nd Anniversary Continues

Marvel Heroes is in the third week of its second anniversary celebrations. Log in this weekend to receive a free baby Groot pet, defeat enemies to pick up birthday cake slices, and take part in the Cowpocalypse event. Daily cow portal drops, bonus exp, special items, and more available for this weekend.

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Defiance Bonus EXP Weekend (June 19-21)

Trion Worlds is hosting 50% bonus reputation this weekend in Defiance.

Attention, ark hunters: Double XP plus 50% Bonus Faction Reputation is available now through June 21! If you’re new to Defiance, you’ll definitely want to double down on XP with this limited-time bonus.


Heroes & Generals Operation Bagration

Heroes & Generals players can use coupon code BAGRATION2015 to receive four experience booster ribbons, offering 50% in physical training, tactical, recon, and battle levels for four hours.

The date was chosen to be the same calendar day as when Germany invaded the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa in 1941, which in effect makes this is a double anniversary. We want to commemorate Operation Bagration by giving you a present this weekend!


Neverwinter Anniversary Event

In addition to the Protector’s Jubilee event currently ongoing, Perfect World Entertainment has been giving away daily items on the Zen store. Log in today (Saturday) and receive a free bag of holding. Log in Sunday and receive an Ashen Brindle Horse Mount.


RuneScape Tuska Event

RuneScape’s Tuska event is still ongoing. Raid Tuska every day for points, use the enlightenment aura once per week for an hour of double experience, and use the points to buy event-exclusive abilities and gear.

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