Weekend Starter: A Collection of Free Weekend Games

What is free to play this weekend? Everything, apparently. Well maybe not everything, but there are a fair amount of free games to fill your weekend, especially if you’re willing to subject yourself to things like the Uplay launcher. Of the games listed below, Battleborn is permanently free to try and Payday 2 is the only one that you can snag now and keep forever. Regardless, if you’re looking to kill some time, you’ll find plenty of grinding to do in RuneScape and The Division.

  • RuneScape is hosting a free weekend until June 12 where players can log in and access members-only content. You’ll also be able to snag a free mummy outfit from Solomon’s Store during this weekend.
  • The Division is free to try on Uplay this weekend. The promotion includes the base game with progress saving for the full version if you do buy it.
  • Trials Fusion is also part of the Uplay weekend.
  • Steep is also part of the Uplay weekend.
  • VR shooter Battledome is hosting a free weekend on Steam.
  • Mirage: Arcane Warfare is also hosting a free weekend on Steam.
  • Payday 2 is free for the first five million people who grab a copy.
  • Deformers is hosting a free weekend on Steam.
  • Battleborn has transitioned to a free trial game.
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