Well Played, Sir. Clever Spam?

If Funcom's money was gold-backed...

I wish I had a farm.

It’s always good to have some form of anti-spam protection on your blog/website especially if, like me, you find yourself being taken into flattery, however genuine, a little too easily. For example, if it weren’t for the intercession of Akismet, I likely would not have looked past:

Hey great website, you really know your stuff. Definitely adding this to my blog tracker!


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Since MMO Fallout’s inception last year, we’ve blocked hundreds upon hundreds of gold farmer spam messages, and multiple phishing attempts. My point is that every time they are becoming much more clever in their attempts to look human. For instance:

Today Akismet flagged a twitter trackback. I always trackback trackbacks, as they appear on MMO Fallout, to ensure that the website is genuine. After going through a Twitter account, a Digg-esque website, yet another website, and finally coming upon a blog, I found an ad-supported WordPress blog, where the typing looked something like this:

Fallen Earth announced this week that wow gold would be leaving the company to wow gold

And so on. Keep vigilante, MMOers! Just wait until gold farmers start making their own video games. This unsolicited testimonial for Akismet spam protection is brought to you wow gold.

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