What’s Happening, December?

I have no idea what this has to do with December...

Welcome one and welcome all. Although I realize that for half of the world, December 1st has come and gone, I speak for all when I say: Welcome to December! Festive seasonal holiday deals continue this month in an effort to bring you into that festive cheer, just cheerful enough to reach for your wallet (or memory if you have your card number memorized like I do).

December roundup after the break…

New games! Everyone loves them, and everyone who hates the term “wow killer” hates them, if that makes any sense.

Alganon launches today! Noted World of Warcraft clone Alganon goes live today after a luxurious delay from last month in order to continue optimization of servers. If you’re thinking of buying Alganon, do it quickly; The title is in a soft launch phase and is available for 50% off, only $19.95 as opposed to $39.95. I don’t know why I originally imagined Alganon was free to play, but there you are.

But what about those of us who are already paying for MMOs, Omali, you say. Well, there’s good news for you as well! This month sees the launch of several expansion packs that will tickle the taste buds of new players and veterans alike.

Today Eve Online launches Dominion, a new expansion that looks to revamp the alliance and territory control system, after a delicious nineteen hour downtime and the patching process. As with all Eve Online expansions, Dominion is free.

Also launching today, on the paid side, Lord of the Rings Online launches Siege of Mirkwood. Siege of Mirkwood continues the time honored expansion pack tradition of raising the level cap and opening up new places to explore, as well as continuing the game’s ongoing storyline.

Darkfall players will receive a large expansion in just a couple of days, barring any further delays, in the form of new upgrades to the sea and naval combat portion of the game. Bringing in controllable sea fortresses, housing on the ocean, new skills, a wildlife AI addition, and various other tweaks and balances, this will be Darkfall’s second expansion since launch earlier this year.

Later this month brings the latest addition to the enormous Everquest expansion line: Underfoot. Do you dare face the giants in the sixteenth expansion? Find out on the 15th.

December is also the time of the year when push comes to shove, and release turns to delay. There are only 31 days for MMO developers who have been calling on a 2009 release date for some time now. Games we’re still waiting on include:

  • Huxley, the sci-fi shooter.
  • Earth Eternal, which is currently in open beta, is set to go live this year.
  • Dungeon Fighter Online, a two dimensional beat em up button masher goes live, hopefully this month.
  • The oft-delayed Mortal Online is expected to launch this much. Not much to say from the beta frontier, although the NDA has been lifted.
  • And more…
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