When Aggressive Becomes Offensive


I want to discuss something that’s been on my mind for a while, and it revolves around MMOrning Shots: aggressive developers. As many of you already know, MMOrning Shots is a screenshot column primarily sourced from press releases sent over to us by various developers, publishers, and their PR firms. When I started the column, I did so knowing that I would probably get some flak over the idea that the column isn’t all that deep, it’s shallow, it’s a photo gallery, pointless, the game I showed sucks, etc. I receive very little of this feedback, in fact most of the emails I get are in support of the column.

On the other hand, MMOrning Shots has tested my patience with a handful of independent developers, which I will admit that I did not see coming at all. It’s one thing when a player criticizes you because they want to see their favorite MMO put up or they hate the game that you posted, and another when I receive an official notice from the creator’s PR division demanding attention and complaining about fairness. For example: A couple of months ago I ran an MMOrning Shot for a particular spiritual successor to City of Heroes, in which I referred to the game as a spiritual successor to City of Heroes. That same day, my inbox was hit by several competing indie projects berating me about everything from how unfair it was that I focused on one game, how I had a hand in the game, that I was a fanboy to that project, insinuating that I’d been paid off, that I hate indie developers, I’m a corporate sponsor, a troll, the article implied there was only one project, that I should edit the article to include theirs, that I should delete it and run all of them at once or none at all, etc. These emails were from the creators themselves or their “pr folk,” not the community.

I love our indie MMO friends and I will continue to show support and devote page space and even occasionally my own money to games like Side Quest, The Phoenix Project, Face of Mankind, Cliffhanger Productions, etc. This whole ordeal with the personal attacks implying ulterior motives or a lack of integrity from certain indie-groups because I didn’t give them special attention is going to stop. MMO Fallout isn’t a huge website with a lot of clout with gamers, but that doesn’t make this place a doormat for developers to wipe their feet over and expect to get away with it.

And for my readers, I apologize for the diversion. I promise that this is the only time I will devote an article to this topic (Tumblr aside), but I feel that our readers should know some of the things that go one behind the scenes here at MMO Fallout.

Now back to your regularly scheduled insanity.

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