Wil Wheaton Guest-DMs Reign of Elemental Evil


Dungeons & Dragons Online Update 25 drops today, bringing with it the Temple of Elemental Evil. The update features voice acting by actor/writer Wil Wheaton, best known for his portrayal of Wesley Crusher in the 1987 television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Among his more recent work, Wheaton voiced the dialogue for Abraham Lincoln in the 3DS game Codename S.T.E.A.M.

Temple of Elemental Evil introduces DDO’s largest dungeon ever, reintroducing randomized traps, roving bosses, and special encounters famous from the original D&D module. The update is free for VIPs and available to players at level 7 and 28.

(Source: Official Website)

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One Response to “Wil Wheaton Guest-DMs Reign of Elemental Evil”

  1. Jason Clearwater says:

    I hope so much fun running this new quest! Great update to DDO. Turbine is planning one classic module a year going forward.