Wild Buster Relaunching Under New Publisher As Champions of Titan

Wild Buster hasn’t had such great success on Steam, especially after Valve severed its ties to Insel Games over that whole fraudulent review fiasco and removed their entire library from the platform. In response to the lack of simoleons flowing in and likely several angry phone calls with developer Nuri Works, Insel Games has agreed to transfer publishing rights to a new company, IDC Games who will relaunch Wild Buster under the new moniker Champions of Titan.

Unfortunately this means that all of your progression is going to be wiped.

With these changes also comes the necessity for a server wipe and new game client which means that all character progress will be reset and you need to re-register your account. While this might sadden some of you it simply is the best way to ensure a fair start for everyone and a growing community from the point of the re-launch.

Those who backed Wild Buster have been promised compensation in the form of rewards for the upcoming Champions of Titan relaunch.

(Source: Steam)

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