Wild West Online Looks At Reboot Two Months Out Of Launch

A lot has happened since Wild West Online launched in May. The review score has boosted quite positively toward 61% from 37% overall, although population has dropped to a few dozen concurrent players. 612 Games as an entity has vanished as quickly as it showed up, with its name seemingly being scrubbed from everything related to Wild West Online and no indication that the entity still exists. Oh and DJ2 Entertainment plans on rebooting the game just two months after launch.

As posted on the official forums, Wild West Online is to receive a relaunch of sorts, one that will focus more on the rootn, tootn, shootn, cowboy gameplay that people seem to enjoy. The update will add on to the map, introduce new animal hunting, and drastically increase the number of vendors present in the world.

“What this “relaunch” plan means for you – our existing players ? to be honest it doesn’t really gonna affect you much – it will for sure will bring new players to the game, as well as add more stuff to do in a game, making user experience more in line with it being PVP shooter game.”

When asked about female characters, a feature promised for launch but still undelivered, they were referred to as a cosmetic feature of low priority.

“Female characters are coming, but with all honesty – this is pretty low on our priorities – it’s a cosmetic feature, not something that makes or breaks the game.”

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