Wild West Online On PvE “They Have Literally Nothing To Do And Never Will”

Wild West Online launched to mostly negative reviews and a peak of 559 players on Steam that has since continually dwindled downward. In a post on the official forums, 612 Games is pitching ideas on overhauling certain aspects of the game including the faction systems and offering players activities that aren’t devoted to just shooting other people. In response to a player concern that the activities would take the game in a more player vs environment sort of direction, 612 responded that the game is not being developed to care about PvE players and never will be.

No, this is not what we want to do. We want game to be PVP game, but we also want to allow PVP players to enjoy other activities as well. Here’s what happening right now in a game – PVP players, who LIKES to shoot other players are sitting in a safety of towns until Town Capture or other event starts. Then they teleport to the event, shoot each other brains out and then retreat back to safety of towns.

Our goals is improve that part, not care about PVE players. Game is not for them. they have literally nothing to do in a game and they will never will. It’ll never be a PVE game.

More on the proposed changes can be found on the official forum.

(Source: Wild West Online)

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