Wildstar Bundles “Mystery Box” With New Copies


Carbine Studios is running a promotion with Wildstar: Buy a copy of the game and receive a “mystery box” code, which will grant one of three items: A mount (pictured above), a hoverboard, and a costume set, plus a title for collecting all three.

For a limited time, when you buy a standard-edition copy of WildStar in the physical box, you also get one of these three awesome items. Got duplicate items? No problem! You can trade them with your friends, sell them on the auction house, or just keep them to yourself.

Unfortunately for current players, the codes are only given if you redeem the game after April 15th, and only the standard edition boxed copy (digital codes and steel box deluxe is not included). The pets can then be traded on the auction house, gifted to others, or applied as a character-bound item.

(Source: Wildstar)

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