World of Warcraft Mulling PLEX Item


Paying for your World of Warcraft subscription may soon become a thing of the past, as Blizzard has announced that they are considering a PLEX-like item to be introduced next year. The idea is to provide a way for hardcore players to pay for their subscription using in-game gold, while providing a safe method for players to essentially buy in-game gold with real money.

We’re exploring the possibility of giving players a way to buy tradable game-time tokens for the purpose of exchanging them in-game with other players for gold. Our current thought on this is that it would give players a way to use their surplus gold to cover some of their subscription cost, while giving players who might have less play time an option for acquiring gold from other players through a legit and secure system.

Whether or not this will be implemented is still up in the air.

(Source: World of Warcraft)

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