Worlds Factory Interviews Nerd Kingdom on TUG MMO


What is TUG? TUG is a single and multiplayer survival sandbox game offering massive procedurally generated worlds drawing from Minecraft, Fable, Dwarf Fortress, Eve Online, and more. The game will feature many of the things you’ve come to love from a game like Minecraft, with the addition of integrated modding support, pet companions, and more. What is unique about TUG is you actually start the game off as a child, defenseless and only able to use your wits to survive. As you grow, you will be able to learn more trades, becoming an elite adventurer or a master craftsman.

Our friends over at Worlds Factory have pulled an exclusive interview with TUG developer Nerd Kingdom, and they give a good deal of discussion on the game’s mechanics and what is and is not planned for development and post release. You can check the entire interview out at the link below.

(Source: Worlds Factory)

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